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Tuesday, July 22 2014 @ 07:21 AM EDT

Public Meeting - Proposed AT&T Cell Tower

The Putney Selectboard and Planning Commission will hold a joint public meeting on Thursday, January 16, 6:00 p.m. at the Putney Fire Station to discuss the proposed AT&T cell tower at 20 Shag Bark Hill. A balloon test is scheduled for January 6th or 7th - weather permitting.


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Public Meeting - Proposed AT&T Cell Tower
Authored by: putney person on Saturday, January 04 2014 @ 09:07 PM EST

Hello Putney Community,

I live in Putney and really really really do not want a cell tower in our town. I expressed this at length when I frist learned of the "temporary" tower which is now up, and I continue to express it about the permanent tower which may go up close to our co-op and library. I am very saddened to see that when Ispeak of the very serious negative health implications that come with having a cell tower in our town, I am met with dismissal and even some scorn. I am surprised to find many people don't seem to think cell towers are dangerous. But they are! To me this fact is indisputable. If anyone looks into this at all you will see many many reports verifying this. Just because we can't see or hear the waves emitted form them, does not mean they are not dangerous. It emits a very high amount of electro magnetic frequencies which are something that are very clearly proven to be very bad for people.

I was surprised that in a town as progressive and educated as Putney is, that there has not been a huge protest about this.  While I understand there is this meeting to "discuss" this, and I plan on attending, from my experience with the last cell tower I do not see much chance of stopping it. This is because there are currently laws promoting the increase of communication facilities in our state. And while I welcome things such as high speed internet, I do so only because they do not pose a serious helath threat to our town as the cell towers do.

It seems to me that at+t has very little chance of being stopped, and that the Vermont board that decides to approve it or not will usually say yes. the only way it could possibly be stopped is if a large number of people in Putney spoke directly to the board and said- we do not want this unhealthy cell tower in our town. I wish for myself and for our town that a big group of us would get togehter to try to stop this from happening. Cell towers, if they need to go up at all, in my opinion should go somewhere as far away from homes and businesses as possible- I guess somewhere like on the highway where no one lives anyway.

they emit very dangerous frequencies that are not natural and not healthy for people to be living around.

I wish that a group of us could get together to stop this thing from coming into Putney.

thank you



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Authored by: putney person on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 11:11 PM EST
I have further comment on this. Please understand that cell towers generate a lot of money for the companies that place them. I believe at+t is placing the tower in Putney because they want a place to put a cell tower to generate more money. Not because they kindly want the people of Putney to have better cell reception. Putney has fine reception as it is. I think it is crucial to understand that cell towers emit a high frequency chaotic energy, similar to what one would find at a high voltage powerline area with lots of high voltage electricity.

This gives off an unpleasant and chaotic energy that is not comfortable to be around.

The site at+t chose has only one thing they can claim which is that it is slightly out of site.

But this tower is much more than just an eyesore. It is actually putting out constant high charge of cell phone waves.

This is being proposed to be put behind the Senior Living housing, behind the Yellow Barn music festival, the community gardens, the library and the coop! As well as people's homes.

I would like the people who represent Putney for the citizens, the planning board and the selectboard, to really understand what is happening here. This company has proposed to put a for profit tower in Putney. Which will emit a very chaotic feeling right in our town.
We can say no. The way to say no is if the representatives can understand and agree that this is something we need to stop from happening. If that happens, then you can come together as a group, and you can become a party in the case, and go to the meetings with the State Public Service Board, and have a say in telling them to not put it in our downtown.

Please consider recognizing how unhealthy it really is to place a cell tower in our town.

If having no cell tower is not possible, then another option is to also become a party in it, which means to first petition to become a party and then if a party simply going to the meetings and having a say in the matter.

Then you could say- we do not want this right in our town near all those paces. Instead, put it farther away, and perhaps on or as close to the highway as possible. People already live at distances from the highway so it would be a good place to put this thing rather than right in town.

Please take some time to read about cell towers and think about their true nature- emitting chaotic waves, and think about the true motive of it going up, for profit. And please consider for the great benefit of the people of Putney, please consider stopping this tower from coming up in Putney.

Thank You,
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Public Meeting - Proposed AT&T Cell Tower
Authored by: putney person on Wednesday, January 08 2014 @ 10:13 PM EST
Here is one of many articles about cell towers. There are many articles to read about this.

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Public Meeting - Proposed AT&T Cell Tower
Authored by: putney person on Thursday, January 16 2014 @ 11:50 PM EST
Nobody wants this thing in their back yard. nobody. Because it is toxic. So let's just not have a cell tower in Putney, Please, people. Compromise a little- sometimes there has to be compromise, and maybe people cant have perfect cell reception,. But instead we can keep Putney the relaxing nurturing inspiring place it is, maybe with mediocre cell reception- but a great place to live, and a place people love to come visit because it is away from the hectic pace of the city. Please keep the hectic pace of the cell towers out of Putney and keep our town fresh and clean as it can be. In peace and great hope of taking the cell tower away and keeping it away, and preserving the integrity of Putney. People can see perhaps their cell reception is adequate, perhaps they could use land lines more. perhaps people can come together so no one has to have a new cell tower in their yard.
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Public Meeting - Proposed AT&T Cell Tower
Authored by: putney person on Friday, January 17 2014 @ 12:17 AM EST
People can always use landlines and payphones, and then no tower has to go up in anyone's yard. It would be the civilized thing to do.
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