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UPDATE: Yesterday on February 25, 2021 changes were made to the Town Clerk, Annual Town Meeting website page. Without realizing until a resident emailed our office late last evening, critical links were broken due to the changes. The links are repaired at this time, Friday February 26, 2021.

Remote Public Informational Hearing Notice and Agenda for February 27, 2021

As we continue to function outside of our norm, the Town of Putney town offices have prepared and continue to prepare for March 2, 2021. With the continued COVID-19 uncertainty looming around us, the town will be conducting town meeting in a way that is unprecedented in Putney. The Selectboard voted and approved to hold town meeting strictly by Australian Ballot. This was the Governor’s request as well. The Town Clerk’s office mailed 1,771 absentee ballots to active voters in the town of Putney. A mere 130 school district ballots were requested. Over 800 town reports were mailed out to property owners listed as “homestead”.

Per state statue, when a municipality has a warned article to be voted on by Australian ballot the municipality is required to hold a Public Informational Hearing. In an attempt to reach Putney constituents, the town hall has created links to access information that you may want to view prior to attending the Remote Public Informational Hearing on February 27, 2021.

All pertinent information can be found on the Town of Putney website at, one can copy the link or go to our website and click on the individual links:

Warning for Annual Meeting:

Remote Public Informational Hearing Notice and Agenda:

Remote Instructions & Login for Zoom:

Sample Town Ballot:–_Final(1).pdf

Sample School Ballot:

Town Report (electronic):

Town Audit Report:

Windham Southeast School District Page:

Scroll down on page for 2021 pertinent school district documents pertaining to annual meeting.

Karen M. Astley
Town Manager
7:04 am; 2.26.2021