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2006 Subaru Legacy sedan for sale

2006 Subaru Legacy Sedan for sale. 125,000 miles. $5,000. This is a very clean car inside and out, no rust whatsoever, clean as a whistle and ready for a new life. It has been expertly restored to original condition with two new doors, and a new windshield. New shimmery silver flake paint job. This is the Limited edition: glove leather interior in excellent condition. New brakes, head gasket and timing belt done. This is a very fun car to drive, wide tires make great handling, and it is a tidy item and a pretty good bargain as it has a salvage title. It has no issues from its previous life and comes with a guarantee on engine and transmission. Come see it for yourself, it will make you happy. Call William at 387-6629 or email me at