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2018-2019 Property Tax Bill

Parcel Owners of Putney: property tax bills were mailed on July 13, 2018. Don’t panic if your property tax bill does not show your Homestead Exemption. The State of Vermont has not reviewed all Homestead Exemptions that were filed for this tax period. The State of Vermont sent this statement to our office on July 17, 2018:

“This year 14,000 (of the over 175,000 annual filings) remained unreviewed as of July 1. We are working through these, and changes to homestead/non-residential status will be included in each weekly file. We anticipate having the timely filed PTA claims resolved by July 27th when we will send a subsequent file. If your town has issued bills which will need to be revised, you may consider waiting until after you have processed the July 27th file to re-issue those bills. If you were planning to print between now and the 27th of July, waiting could avoid unnecessary reprints. For the 158 towns which bill on August 1st or later, this issue should not impact you in any way.

Over 55,000 homestead declarations received by the Department this year had errors or otherwise were flagged, requiring manual intervention by a tax examiner to post correctly. Common errors include: incorrect SPANs, names, and inaccurate or incomplete financial data. This summer, the Department will be working with people inside and outside of state government to improve the processing of homestead declarations and PTA claims.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we resolve this unfortunate situation. The Department regrets the disruption this has caused to the municipal billing process”.

Once the town receives the download from the state with your Homestead Exemption we will send you a revised bill which should reduce the overall amount. Be patient while we await the state but if you have a concern you may contact them directly at the Department at or by calling 802-828-2865.

Feel free to stop in or contact the town office at 387.5862 extension 11 or 12.

Karen M. Astley, Town Manager