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3.19.2020 Public Health Notice

To: Residents of the Putney Community
From: Laura Chapman, Chair; Josh Laughlin, Vice Chair; David Babbitt, Clerk
Date: March 19, 2020

The Putney Selectboard has held three emergency meetings in the last week with Karen Astley, Town Manager and Tom Goddard, Emergency Management Director for the Town of Putney. On March 19th, with the advice of both our EMD and TM we voted on the following:

● Community support – Chair, Laura Chapman will act as liaison for the Selectboard and Emergency Management Director to the Putney Mutual Aid Coordinators, supporting them in their work of creating safe systems for Putney residents to give and receive help.
● Emergency Management support – Vice Chair, Josh Laughlin will act as Selectboard liaison to the Emergency Management Director to both ensure the Emergency Management Director has ongoing dedicated Selectboard support and in a worst-case scenario the board can support any needed transitions.
● Business support – Clerk, David Babbitt will act as liaison to the Business Alliance supporting Karen and guiding local businesses in minimizing the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses.

These are scary times and we want to make sure that your Selectboard along with the Town Manager maintains the business of operating a town as well as supporting the community in safety, security and well-being. We are doing all that we can to be sure that you have a local support system. In order to best meet that need the Putney Mutual Aid Group was established with representation from the Putney Foodshelf, Putney Community Cares, Putney Central School Leadership Council, Town of Putney Selectboard, Town of Putney Emergency Management Director, Town Manager, Town employees (Highway & Office), State Officials and engaged citizens.

Please consider filling out this form ( collecting info on Putney Area Mutual Aid (Neighborhood Help) and share concerns you have about your own needs and/or ways you would like to volunteer to offer support. Over 100 Putney community members have responded at this time. Needs and volunteer support will be prioritized based on vulnerability and ability. If you know someone who is not online much and/or would find it difficult to fill out this survey, please have them contact Ruby McAdoo 802-839-9789 (cell) or

Emergency Management Director Report:
● Emergency Management Center is ready to be activated when the State activates all Emergency Operations Centers; this is unknown at this time;
● Contact the EMD if you are a “high risk” individual
○ Over 65 and/or have a compromised health condition
■ Heart; lung or respiratory disorder
■ Diabetes
● All medical emergencies contact 911
● All private schools are under the executive order of the Governor.
● Tom Goddard is meeting weekly with private schools
○ Private schools are on vacation with very few students on campus; the students on campus were not able to travel home as flights were suspended.

Town Office Report:
● How to get needs met at this time;
○ Contact the office at 387.5862 x11 for any and all concerns;
○ Preparing for Municipal Federal and State Relief;
● Town Manager Karen Astley reported she is participating in weekly virtual meetings with Windham Regional Economy Resiliency Team; Vermont State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC);
○ BDCC is looking at capital losses for businesses, we have resources in the county;
○ Unemployment, VT Dept of Labor, no waiting periods;
● Creating a business survey such as the Mutual Aid survey;
● Provisions/resources for impacted businesses such as financial assistance;
● The Town Hall is closed to the public for all non-essential business
● In person activities are by appointment and for critical business only;
● Creating a “Resource” survey for necessary products; working with the Farmers Market to obtain names and products available locally in the community;
● Communicated with Simons Operations with regarding to the WWTF;
○ The system is operational and will be maintained by the Contractor;
○ Mailing will go out to all users educating/reinforcing what shouldn’t be flushed;
● Communicated with the Sheriff’s Department; we do have coverage in town.

Highway Department Report:
● Is classified as an “essential worker” per the order of the Governor;
● Highway Department continues to work 40 hours per week;
● Mud season is upon us; if you have a road that cannot be traveled contact the Town Office or the Highway Department;

Clerk’s Office Report:
● Dog licensing – call the office if you have questions; mail check, we will mail license;
● Land Records is a case by case basis and by appointment only;
● Marriage & Birth Certificates: go to our website and download the form; fill it out and email to the Clerk at

Key Messages to the public:
● Keep in mind information is changing on a daily basis.
● This virus is on an eight (8) trajectory course.
● If you feel ill contact your physician, your physician will direct you in the appropriate direction.
● Self-isolate if you can to prevent the spread of the virus.
● Support our local businesses by purchasing gift cards if possible; take out may be available; reach out to them.

● Town of Putney Website;
● Vermont Health Department;
● Center for Disease Control and Prevention;
● Or Contact 2-1-1;
● Windham County Sheriff “Are you ok”;
● Governor’s Office for all Executive Orders pertaining to COVID19;

Business Resources:
● COVID-19 Guidance for Vermont Business:
● Agency Business Impact Form:
● Coronavirus & Your Business
● SBA US Small Business Administration
● For more information, call the SBA disaster assistance customer service center at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or e-mail .

For local SBA information, call 802-828-4422.
● Vermont Small Business Development Center:
● For the full list of employer and business guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), please visit:

Labor/Unemployment Resources:
● Labor Department;
● Frequently asked Questions;
● Employers;
● Employees;