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To: Residents of the Putney Community
From: Karen Astley, Town Manager (802.387.5862 extension 11;
Date: March 29, 2020

Vermont Strong! Putney Strong! In this time of uncertainty, my message to the public is to remain calm and be optimistic. I know there is much anxiety, frustration, stress and fear in our community . From the municipal standpoint we are working cohesively. Our team consists of Tom Goddard, Emergency Management Director; legislative body of Laura Chapman, Josh Laughlin and David Babbitt and myself. We are taking directive from the State of Vermont Emergency Management and Governor Phil Scott’s Office. The Windham County Sheriff is also working in the community. The State Police is our secondary line of defense.

If you don’t know by now, the Governor has a “Stay-at-Home” order in place as of March 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.. Heed the Governor’s warning. The only reason one should be out in public is for food, medicine or if you are an “essential worker”. We all need to work together to “Flatten the Curve”. More in depth information can be found on the Governor’s website at

Information channeling down from the State of Vermont is moving quickly at times. We are not always privy to this information first hand. We do our best to get ahead of the media and press releases as the State is actively working to get ahead of this virus. Actions by the state are in the best interest of all the people. We as a community may not agree with certain decisions but some things are not in our control.

That being said, what can we control? Prioritize what is important first and foremost, your family. The focus today and every day is family. Second, your neighbor; love thy neighbor. Create the virtual neighborhood pod so you are all looking out for one another. We are all in this together!

I want to thank those who are coordinating efforts from their homes. If you have the capability to channel energy to a positive and productive outcome I would recommend doing so. There are people in the community, within the county, that need support. Funnel your energy in something that will assist in this crisis. If you are following the media, this includes social media, please be sure what is posted is actual “fact”. Go to the Town of Putney website for all the latest posts. Trust the sources! There are several surveys circulating (Business Survey & Locally Grown/Produced Products) along with a Putney Mutual Aid Survey.

In closing, we are a diverse community. My wish is good health and safety for the Putney community! We will get through this, together!