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7.22.2020 Putney Property Tax Bill Announcement

To: Putney Property Owners
From: Karen Astley, Town Manager
Date: July 22, 2020

History repeats itself a second year in a row. Property tax bills are usually mailed to owners thirty days prior to the first payment which is always the third Friday in August. With the school budget vote and approval on June 30, 2020 the state mandates a thirty-day appeal period for registered voters.

As of yesterday July 21st, the town received an email from the State Education Department with an “Interim Budget Pending” educational tax rate. Once our office receives a confirmed “calculated” rate from the State of Vermont our office will generate 2020 property tax bills. Putney is among 43 Vermont towns that are waiting “calculated” rates.

Our office realistically could prepare property tax bills Monday, August 3, 2020. All property owners will have thirty days there after to submit the first installment. Mind you, dates are subject to change but this is the best predication I can give at this time.

On a positive note, our office is receiving downloads for homestead exemption rebates from the State of Vermont. The delay in printing tax bills will assure your homestead rebate is on your property tax bill. If you filed for your homestead exemption you will receive a letter from the State of Vermont with the amount that will be applied to your property taxes. Keep this letter for your records. The deadline to file Homestead Exemption was July 15, 2020. If you have not done this you should contact your accountant or the State of Vermont.

If you should have questions please contact our office at 387.5862, extension 11 or 14 for Alyssa.

Town of Putney