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8/29/23 FREE Event on Adult Connections

“We Should Get Together” — interactive fireside with Kat Vellos all about friendship in adulthood

Looking forward to this FREE at 7pm on 8/29/23 — this an interactive fireside with Kat Vellos will focus on friendship in adulthood. What are the biggest challenges of adult friendship and how can we overcome them? How do we “make new friends and keep the old”? What is social wellness and how does it factor into our overall health and wellbeing? And how can we create more meaningful connections with coworkers, who are often the primary source of new friends in adulthood?

The fireside chat will be followed by a Q&A so come with your questions too. Mark your calendar, register now (no charge to attend, but we ask that you register), spread the word and see you there! For more info and to register, use this link:

This discussion is co-presented with Putney Community Cares, Putney Community Center, Putney Foodshelf, Putney Public Library, and Senior Solutions—Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, Inc.