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8.4.2020 Storm Warning Notice:

Putney residents with the ensuing storm on the immediate horizon please take note:

Please check on the vulnerable if they are your neighbor! Keep in mind do not cross a flooded road(s) and if possible, remain at home until the storm passes. This assures your safety, as well as, all emergency responders. Keep in mind rural Putney has a limited number of emergency responders and highway crew. Crews will respond to the best of their abilities as quickly as possible. This includes tree companies and Green Mountain Power.

Flooding may become an issue; downed trees and wires; no power or internet services. The following can assist if you have an emergency:

All life safety emergencies call 911: Do not approach live wires; if you are stranded in your car call 911.

Town Road(s) washouts; plugged culverts; downed trees call the Town Garage: 387.5730 or Town Hall 387.5862 extension 11

Downed Wires and/or Power outages contact Green Mountain Power: 888-835-4672 or text this number.

This storm is expected to bring 2-4 inches of rain and high winds. Get your rain gauges out! Stay safe!

Did you receive the Tornado Alert this morning, if not, sign up for the free VT-Alert app. To sign up for the app go to VTALERT.GOV and follow the instructions.

Town Manager’s Office