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The Town of Putney continues to wait on an official calculated educational tax rate along with other towns in Vermont. All property owners will have thirty days, once property tax bills are in the mail, to submit the first installment. At this time, I won’t give a date when the first installment will be due. When there is a calculated educational tax rate our office will notify the public with the details.

Do you escrow property taxes into your mortgage? The town is communicating with lenders as they are waiting for your property tax bills.

We continue to receive downloads, weekly, for homestead exemption rebates from the State of Vermont. If you received your homestead exemption letter, you should see the rebate on your bill.

Any questions please contact our office at 387.5862, extension 11 or 14 for Alyssa.

Town of Putney
Karen M. Astley, Town Manager