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After 40 Years The Greenwood School is going Coed

PUTNEY, VT, May 16, 2019__For 40 years, The Greenwood School in Putney, VT., has been a boarding and day school for boys in grades 6-12 who have language-based learning challenges, ADHD and executive function weaknesses. We are excited to announce that Greenwood has become a coeducational institution, and we are welcoming girls in the fall of 2019.

The Greenwood School has always been a haven for students who have language-based learning differences such as dyslexia. We deliver innovative, research-proven programs that empower our students with knowledge, competencies, talents, life skills and the earned confidence they need to succeed. All students receive language tutorial focused on reading remediation with additional focus on speed and comprehension. With our integrated support services, our students are able to meet in small groups or have 1:1 speech language and occupational therapy as well as social skills coaching. They can also enroll in a cognitive training program that rewires the brain for improved reading fluency and rate, as well as processing speed. We are a data driven school; we don’t just talk about progress, we document it.

Greenwood’s 100-acre campus immerses students in the natural world. The sledding hill is one step off the boardwalk next to the dorm’s front door. The bike paths start at the back stoop. The campus pond, with its bass, turtles, ducks and rack of canoes and kayaks, is a short walk through the gardens, past the orchard. This proximity to nature enables hands-on learning upon which a Greenwood student thrives, fostering a renewed sense of self. Greenwood is a school where learning by doing is respected and encouraged, and where gifts and talents are celebrated.

We believe students with learning differences have inherent potential that is maximized in a small school setting. Greenwood’s environment brings together individualized curriculum, social emotional learning, expert teaching, and a nurturing, empowering community, centered on positive reinforcement. And now, for the first time in Greenwood’s history, 7th – 12th grade girls will be given the same opportunities in our new gender inclusive coed program. We invite you to come and visit and see us in action.

Greenwood students enjoy our on-campus pond all year; skating in the winter, boating and fishing in the fall and spring.

If you would like to visit campus, or inquire about experiential learning at Greenwood, ranging from students designing and building a Tiny House, to the onsite Watershed science class, to crafting silver family heirlooms, call Beth Bradley in admissions at 802.387.3818.