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Akasha Presents: SUMMER TEA SERIES – An Exploration of Japanese Green Tea

Tea is something we experience as a powerful mechanism for realignment and connection, both in relation to self and others. Were we to grant tea a superlative, it might be for the most time-honored ritual. In subtle but impactful ways, tea can offer a reprieve from the gripping complexities and stressors of our times.

Tea is one such possibility, and it is with great delight that we announce the beginning of our tea tasting program. Intended as an ongoing series to chart the vast territory that is the world of tea, each tasting will encompass a specific intention or a thematic focus. A tasting could provide an introduction to a distinct family of tea, or constitute an inquiry into the actual differences between premium and mid to low-grade teas.

Our tea series will take place in the late afternoon and evenings throughout the summer during hours in which we are closed to the general public, thus offering an intimate opportunity to visit our space in a private setting.


Our very first tasting will feature four categories of Japanese green tea: sencha, gyokuro, tencha, and matcha; sourced from some of the finest green tea purveyors in the world and each distinctively and delicately prepared to best showcase the flavors.

Paired with these exquisite teas, a variety of small bites will be served that include sweet and savory, gluten-free and vegan offerings: Red Bean Mochi, Edamame Dip, Hojicha Sesame Raw Cheesecake Bites, and Kabocha Squash Cake.

This experience will be accompanied by the playing of the Shakuhachi, which is the end-blown Japanese flute by local composer Marty Regan. Marty has decades of experience composing music with traditional Japanese instruments.

More about Marty and his work can be found here:


Each tasting lasts up to an hour and is limited to a small number of participants so as to devote undivided attention and the opportunity to engage with the history and nuances of tea preparation.

-$45.00 per person
-There are only 24 openings available!
-There are 6 available seats per time slot

For more information and to sign up, please visit:

Please be in touch should you have further questions. We hope you will join us as this category of tea promises gustatory complexity and delight.

Phone: (802) 689-9318