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Aug. 11 Primary Election- Online Candidates Forum for Windham 4 Democrats

Wednesday July 15, from 7-8:15pm, the Windham County Democrats will host an Online Candidate Forum for the Windham 4 District.

With the August 11 Democratic Primary less than a month away, here’s your opportunity to see the candidates in action and more importantly to make sure your issue is on the agenda.

That can happen for those who attend the online event. Attendees will be able to send questions to the moderator ,John Hagen (County Dem Chair) who will then sort the questions, coordinate duplicates and offer the questions that get the most response.

Here’s the link for those wishing to attend;
July 15, (7-8:15 pm) – Windham 4 (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster)
Candidates currently confirmed to attend: Michelle Bos Lun, Matthew Ingram, Mike Mrowicki
Zoom Access: