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Arts, dharma & backyard livestock... Straight Arrow Recordings & Salmon Falls Sangha at Dara Gur, in Plainfield VT (and formerly on Kimball Hill Road in Putney). Still a member of the Putney Co-op & involved with goat support work in Putney & Westminster West.

  • Heritage Breed Icelandic Roosters

    Heritage Breed Icelandic Roosters

    Our roosters have grown, and the 3 “buddies” are starting to get feisty – which now means they’ll soon scrap over the newly arrived Icelandic pullets. We’re re-homing two gorgeous […]

  • Yearling Goat Does for Sale - $175 each

    Yearling Goat Does for Sale – $175 each

    Moon and Spark almost found a new home. We all went up to Sheffield and found their farm destination abandoned… owner and animals there had all disappeared to who knows […]

  • Cozy couch for sale

    Cozy velour-covered couch, grey-brown with supportive corners & extra matching cushions. Seats 3 people (or 4+ quite comfortably). In very good shape. Approximately 7′ long. Has had some exposure to […]