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Bad Art Night Lifts Spirits

Img_0785On Wednesday, Sept 10th, 6-9 p.m., area residents will get their hands dirty building a communal sculpture at Brattleboro Clayworks. Unlike standard beginner clay classes everywhere, this unconventional event will focus on nurturing creativity & playfulness.

The idea for “Bad Art Night” came when Art teacher, Alan Steinberg was waiting to see his dentist. Randomly turning magazine pages, he opened to an article entitled “The Miracle of Mediocrity, Nothing lifts the spirits like making bad art.” The article described a weekly gathering of mid-western artists dedicated to the deliberate creation of “Bad Art”. The hostess was asked why they used the “b-word”. Doesn’t it imply low standards, low expectations, low self-esteem? No, she replied, it implies no standards, no expectations, and very high self-esteem. Bad Art, she claimed, is all about conscious, dedicated badness -in community- as a tool of liberation. Steinberg, whose teaching had been undergoing a similar evolution, felt like “the words had been taken right out of my mouth.”
Bad Art Night will be held at Brattleboro Clayworks, on Putney Rd. Bad Art night costs $20, including materials. For information and to register contact Alan at 802 387 4820 or,

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