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From Penelope Simpson Adams:

Sunday, around  4:00 or 5:00, I spotted a mama bear and three frolicking cubs at the far edge of our meadow. They appeared to want to come across the meadow but were extremely cautious.  A neighbor came to  watch them with me. They would frighten and run if they heard us talk or make even the slightest noise. Though it was delightful to see them, I want to caution neighbors down near the village as they are right near where the denser housing begins at Kimball Hill. These meadows they were seen in are the first ones as Kimball Hill turns into Westminster Road on the right. I am sure they are attracted to our raspberries, apples and pear trees on my property at 106/114 Westminster. Watch your trash and any food that might attract them. Any sightings of them would be much appreciated around our village!