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Beware of Bears Still Out! Not Bird-feeder Time Yet!!

(from Penelope Simpson Adams)

Last night a magnificent bear knocked down a bird feeder right near my kitchen window. I had the outdoor light on and saw this huge shape (as did Mr. Higgins, my cat, who watched the entire thing from his perch). We were about 3 feet from the bear, with just the glass window between us. He munched the seeds for a while and then his big head rose up, about 12 inches from my face, at the window.  He looked me right in the eyes for what seemed an interminable time.  
 It was exhilarating to be that close and petrifying at the same time because he or she is NOT a teddy bear ! We were very vulnerable if he decided to hit the window.  He stood and blinked at me, while I gazed back at him, slightly trembling inside.  After a bit,  he slowly turned and jumped down the stone wall, and trundled down towards the orchard. Five minutes later, an opossum showed up to clean up all the spilled seed!  Bear has always been my totem animal…this was quite an experience on many levels. While awesome, it  should not be repeated.  Please put your feeders and garbage away until our bear friends go off to hibernate. And be mindful and aware when going outside for a few more weeks!
Location: Top of Kimball Hill Rd that turns into Westminster Rd. near Spring Hill Rd. at Village Arts of Putney barn.