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Big Thanks to Putney Voters

Thank you to the Windham District 4 voters of Putney and Dummerston for your votes, and hiring me to continue working for you in Montpelier.
My promise to all constituents, first, last and always, is to work hard.

I hear from a lot of Vermonters that have to get up everyday and go to work and want an Economy that Works for Everyone, Climate Actions, Common Sense Gun Reforms, Growing our Housing Stock and our Workforce, and Racial and Social Justice. They are all part of moving Vermont forward , and making Progress with Justice for All.
These are challenging times up ahead, and it’s clear Vermonters don’t want us wasting our time on unfounded grievance. Solutions to the list of issues before us, aren’t going to be found by banning books, taking rights away from women, or wailing about teaching our school kids a factual account of our history, so we can learn from past mistakes.

So thanks to the Vermonter voters who came out and exercised their franchise to vote. Once again the voters have spoken and selected a cohort of newly elected public officials they expect to work together, for a better today and brighter tomorrow. And, now, it’s time to get to work.

As always, please feel free to be in touch if you have a question, suggestion or a problem you’re not sure where to go with;