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‘Blue Vinyl’ Screening and Discussion Explore Vinyl Chloride, the Carcinogenic Chemical in Your Everyday Plastic Products

WHAT: Screening of “Blue Vinyl,” an Emmy-award-winning documentary film, followed by a discussion

WHEN: Tuesday, April 23, 6:30 pm

WHERE: Putney Public Library, 55 Main St., Putney, VT

On Tuesday, April 23 at the Putney Public Library, Beyond Plastics SE Vermont will host a screening of “Blue Vinyl.” This Emmy-award winning documentary film follows a woman looking to update her parents’ home only to find that the vinyl chloride—typically used in many materials—came with alarming environmental, health, and environmental justice impacts. Although the film “Blue Vinyl” was released in 2002, it remains relevant today as vinyl chloride persists in American products, threatening the health of consumers, the communities surrounding PVC production facilities, and those living along railways that transport the dangerous chemical.

Vinyl chloride is a toxic chemical used to make polyvinyl chloride (aka vinyl or PVC) plastic. It’s found in PVC pipes, vinyl siding, windows, flooring, packaging, furniture, car parts, children’s toys, pet toys, shower curtains, credit cards, gift cards, and many other consumer goods. Vinyl chloride is not just suspected of causing cancer — the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers it a Group 1 carcinogen.

BACKGROUND: Launched in 2019, Beyond Plastics is a nationwide project that works to end plastic pollution. Using research, policy and advocacy expertise, Beyond Plastics is building a well-informed movement working to achieve the institutional, economic, and societal changes needed to protect our planet and ourselves, from the negative health, climate, and environmental impacts from the production, usage, and disposal of plastics. The Beyond Plastics Southeast Vermont chapter has just been created and welcomes members! Reach out to us at to join our mailing list.