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Brattleboro Women’s Chorus Fall Virtual Concert

The Brattleboro Women’s Chorus will perform their 25th annual fall “singalong concert” via Zoom on Sunday, November 22 at 4 pm.
As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, the chorus will be singing songs about rivers, welcoming the ancestors & healing, led by Director Becky Graber. Some of the songs are very easy to join along with, and Becky will teach a song or two to all. Singers will be muted, though we will hear harmonized vocal tracks, so feel free to sing along in the comfort of your homes, if you wish.

Concert goers need to register online via Zoom to receive a Zoom link to attend:…/tJUkcuGqrTMrG9HQhWn1WwUTzX55oCLxT0U4

Our concert is usually a significant part of our income, so we are asking you, our audience, to donate the cost of a ticket to help keep our budget healthy this year. A donation of $10-$25 would be much appreciated using this link:

For more information, visit our website:

Thank you and we look forward to singing with and for you!