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Bringing the lost flavors of Cambodia to the USA

Chef Nak is on a mission to rediscover traditional Cambodian recipes, and share it with the world. The cuisine that not too long ago thrived across Cambodia disappeared from the Kingdom’s kitchens as a result of the brutality the country and its people had to endure.

Almost all documentation of the country’s cuisine was destroyed in this brutality; food was purely for survival, people made do with what little was made available to them.

Its uniqueness lies in the richness of local produce, subtle layered tastes and nutritional benefits. After years of staying in the shadows, Cambodian cuisine is now rising.

Join Chef Nak to enjoy the recipes she has learnt from her grandma, her mom, her aunt and in her travels around Cambodia in search of the lost flavors and techniques.

Check out her tour dates in Putney at this link –