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Last year the federal government passed the Farm Bill, which legalized the growing of hemp. With Vermont being a farming state, the passage of the bill offers tremendous opportunities for people wanting to get into the business. This is quickly becoming a big industry, and Next Stage saw this as an opportunity to bring people together who are knowledgable in various aspects, including growing, processing, medicinal use, legislation, and anyone who is interested in learning more.
Also last year the State of Vermont legalized the personal use of marijuana, allowing individuals to grow their own. The same principles apply to growing hemp and marijuana, so people interested in learning about either will come away from our Cannabis Week events better informed and more knowledgeable.

The mission of Next Stage is not just to present entertainment, but to be a resource to the community on many levels. In fact our mission statement is: to be a magnet for community connection and exploration. This is a way to bring people together to delve deeply into an issue of great current, common interest and very much evolving in our state. We are uniquely able to approach this in a range of ways because of the versatility of our programming and our facility; it enables the marketplace, panel, film, cooking class, etc. It’s been amazing how many people have responded enthusiastically to this event…..and how much expertise we have access to in our region.

To attend the Grower’s Workshop and/or the Panel Discussion on Sunday, April 14th, we strongly recommend you register online, including to the panel which is free (or by donation). For more information on the week’s events, and to register, go to