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Pets & Animals

  • Cat / house sitter wanted

    Cat / house sitter wanted

    Reliable, responsible person with references wanted for house and cat sitting in Putney February 5th through 21st. Wiggle room on those dates thanks to backups available. Our cats are friendly, […]

  • Puppy Time!

    Hi, We have a 10 week old lab female. We’re hoping that someone has a pup of a similar size and age who would be interested in trying out puppy […]

  • Ancona female duck free to a new flock

    Ancona female duck free to a new flock

    We had a recent raccoon attack and now have just one surviving duck. She is an ancona and good layer. We’d love to place her with someone nearby who has […]

  • Free Fish + tank & accessories

    Free Fish + tank & accessories

    I have three bloodfin tetra and 3 cory catfish in search of a new home! They come with a 20 gallon tank, tank accessories including a light, filters and filtering […]

  • Kitty Missing!

    BunBun, a beautiful black and white female kitty, did not come home last night. She is like clockwork. Her human is missing her terribly. She lives up Spring Hill Road […]

  • Layer hens: FREE

    Layer hens: FREE

    We have four sweet layers that need a new good home. They are great chickens and we get four eggs a day but we just don’t have the time or […]

  • Swarm!

    One of my hives swarmed this morning. If you spot them anywhere, pease let me know, and I will come retrieve them!


    Missing fluffy orange male cat on Sun Hill Road. Missing since Aug. 2. Please call 917-576-4682 with info.

  • Seeking Kitten or Young Cat

    Happy to provide a good home for a furry companion. -Nick Williams 443 722-0528



    We have two lovely roosters that we need to give away. Let me know if you are interested!

  • Owner and dog reunited – Chocolate Lab found

    The dog traveled all the way from Brookline to Windmill Hill Rd! Is anyone missing a chocolate lab? I have a one with a collar but no tag on my […]

  • Missing cat

    Missing cat

    Grey with white markings….medium length hair…VERY skittish…..North Putney RTE 5 since July 3ish 802-536-0112 if seen Thank you

  • cats missing

    cats missing

    july 10, 2020 2 cats missing from corner of west hill and aiken road. one brown tiger, male and one tawny, female. please call 387-2138 REWARD

  • Lost Siamese Cat

    My precious, handsome Siamese cat (chocolate ears and face, cream-colored body, blue eyes) was lost three nights ago (April 14) near West Hill Road and Akin Road. His name is […]

  • Heritage Breed Icelandic Roosters

    Our roosters have grown, and the 3 “buddies” are starting to get feisty – which now means they’ll soon scrap over the newly arrived Icelandic pullets. We’re re-homing two gorgeous […]

  • Yearling Goat Does for Sale – $175 each

    Moon and Spark almost found a new home. We all went up to Sheffield and found their farm destination abandoned… owner and animals there had all disappeared to who knows […]

  • Sophie and Steve

    Sophie is no longer with us. She was found in an empty apartment that four different people (including Steve) had searched over the weekend. She somehow locked herself into a […]

  • Missing cow in Putney

    Our white cow broke through his fence on Tuesday May 21, last seen on Hickory Ridge Rd. If you have seen him, please call 802-279-8486.

  • Looking for an indoor Rabbit Cage

    Do you have an indoor rabbit cage or hutch hanging around, taking up space, that you want to part with? If so, we might be interested. is the best […]

  • ISO – shepherd willing to commute

    My husband and I are interested in coming up with a creative solution to a problem: we want to move on from shepherding, yet still want to maintain animals on […]