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Childcare Support Survey from Putney Mutual Aid

Hey Putney Folks! Can you help to create a childcare support solution for Putney? Do you need childcare and can’t figure it out on your own? Help us understand how we can help each other — complete this form by Sunday, August 23:

Putney Mutual Aid is trying to gather information that will help us understand what the needs and possibilities are for our community to help each other with childcare support — particularly important as we approach the school year. We realize that families with kids enrolled for in-person public school do not yet know their schedule… hopefully this information comes soon, but we couldn’t wait any longer to start the info gathering process.
If you are interested in working with other Putney Mutual Aid volunteers to think about how our community can come together for childcare support, please reach out! Email or call 802-387-0028.