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Climate Caucus Report in Windham 4 Online Community Meeting Video Available

The Legislative Climate Caucus Report from Co-Chair, Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas is included in the online community meeting hosted by your Windham 4 State Representatives, Mike Mrowicki and Michelle Boslun.

With the 2021 Vermont Legislature off and running-albeit meeting virtually, online- your state Representatives for the Windham 4District of Putney, Westminster and Dummerston are working hard to bring your voices to the work of the Legislature- as well as working hard to bring you regular reports on that work.
The report on Climate Action highlights the bills being presented in this years session and other work undertaken previously, such as the Climate Action Commission , created from Legislation passed in the last session.

The monthly online meetings will continue though the session offering townspeople the opportunity for questions, and suggestions for your Legislators.
Your State legislators are also available at any time for anyone needing to be heard or seeking help with a state government, Agency or Department.
Whether it’s getting health services, fuel assistance, housing, food assistance or any item you’re not sure where to go with, feel free to get in touch with us.