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Community Nurse Survey 2023

Does Putney Need a Community Nurse?
Putney Community Cares Feasibility Study 2023

Putney Community Cares is working on a feasibility study to determine if the Putney community would like and feels the need for a community nurse. The Community Nurse would be a FREE program offered by Putney Community Cares.

-A Community Nurse provides nursing care delivered in the home that focuses on illness care for individuals and families in our community.
-The goal of the Community Nurse is to provide treatment and education to decrease the occurrence of disease and illness and to promote healthy living.
-This service is for people of all ages who need health care assistance at home.
-This does not replace organizations such as the Vermont Visiting Nurses, Public Health Nursing, a Physical Therapist or an Occupational Therapist that would provide more in depth care and collaboration with doctors, hospitals and community health care organizations.
-The Community Nurse could act as a liaison between these groups, as well as be helpful in health promotion, guidance and health maintenance of Putney residents.
-Blood pressure or other health clinics could also be a part of this program depending on our community needs.
-The Community Nurse could be helpful with questions or concerns that a person might have prior to a doctor’s appointment.

Typically, individuals who are “homebound” are eligible for services provided by a visiting nurse. Some in-home health care programs require that you be homebound. Once you are able to be out in the community on your own or with assistance, you might not be considered homebound. This could mean the visiting nurse is no longer able to see you at your home. The Community Nurse program would allow for home visits for anyone in Putney who is not considered homebound.

If you are a resident of the Town of Putney we would very much like to have your input. Please fill out the survey below by Friday, April 28, 2023. Putney Community Cares will consider this data in the month of May to make decisions on whether a Community Nurse program is a good fit for Putney. You can find paper copies of the survey at the Putney Public Library or Town Hall or complete online at For more information, contact Putney Community Cares Coordinator, Ruby McAdoo at or 802-387-5593.