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Community Solar Presentation – Tuesday @ Putney Library

YOU are invited – Tuesday – Oct 14th 7pm for a Community Solar Presentation
at the Putney Public Library.

Help the Earth and your finances at the same time!

Soveren Solar is building several Vermont Community Solar Projects in Windham County this year and would like to let you know how you can get involved. Homeowners and businesses in Green Mountain Power territory can buy panels in our ‘solar farms’ to produce their own solar energy, and receive the same net-metering credits and tax benefits they would get if the panels
were on their own property.

Residential cost is ~ $2.81 per watt after Federal incentives.
Business costs is ~ $2.51 per watt after State and Federal incentives and depreciation.

If you borrow money, your loan payment should be less than or equal to the cost of the electric bill you pay now. Soveren is including a 30 year maintenance contract (at no extra charge) which brings the total cost down to a net final price of about $2/Watt!

Community solar is the easiest and most cost efficient way to “green up” your life.
10% of the total output of our solar farms is donated to a local non-profit.
Please come to the information session, and bring your friends and neighbors.

Or sign up now and (Daniel) will generate a proposal for you.

Visit the Web site for more information.