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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Notice

From: Tom Goddard, Emergency Management Director
Karen M. Astley, Town Manager

Date: March 11, 2020; 3:15 p.m.

The Town of Putney is taking the appropriate action to keep the community informed of the Coronavirus, known as COVID-19. Tom Goddard, Emergency Management Director and Health Officer is working directly with the State of Vermont Health Department. Chief Goddard is monitoring their website for updates, twice daily along with telephone conversations. All communication, updates and available resources are received directly from the VT Health Department at this time. We encourage the community to log onto their website at for additional information. We are working closely with surrounding Fire Departments, Rescue Inc., and our local/private schools.

Our message to the community is to stay alert and calm. Life can continue as normal. The most vulnerable population(s) who can be affected by this virus are the elderly and anyone with a comprised immune system.

We do suggest, if you are feeling ill, if you have a cough or a fever, or any type of respiratory difficulty contact your physician or visit the nearest medical clinic for evaluation, and isolate yourself at home. The doctors and hospitals have the provisions to test for the flu and/or Coronavirus.

To stop the spread of any virus good hygiene (washing hands, covering your cough, not touching your face, social distancing) is necessary. Disinfecting surface areas and objects (door knobs, pens, keyboards, phones etc.) can slow and/or eliminate the spread of any virus. In addition, social distancing is also being strongly encouraged.

You may experience schools, public buildings and possibly businesses in town modifying their schedules. Don’t be alarmed by this. We are all in precautionary mode.

If you think your neighbor should have a welfare check contact Tom Goddard. This can be arranged. Remember there may be a reason why your neighbor is not out and about. Isolation can stop the spread.

If you are hosting a public event/gathering and you are not sure you should cancel contact Tom Goddard directly for instruction.

Your source for factual information is through the State of Vermont Department of Health; Tom Goddard, Emergency Management Direct, and the Town Manager’s Office you will have the most current factual information. Please monitor the Vermont Health Department website at for updated information and guidance. As new details and guidance recommendations develop, the Town of Putney will update our website.

Any questions contact Tom Goddard, at 387.4372 or; as a second contact you may reach Karen Astley, Town Manager at 387.5862 x11 or