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COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Support

From Putney Community Cares:

On Monday, January 25, 2021, vaccinations begin for those 75 years and older! You can find useful information from the Vermont Department of Health at — including resources and info to help Vermonters through the appointment scheduling process. (The exact time of that registration opens on Monday has not yet been announced) You MUST be registered to receive the vaccine.

Do you need help navigating the registration process? Or arranging for transportation to your vaccination? Contact Putney Community Cares and we will work with you to help — contact Kate Kelly, or 802-387-2120!###BASIC

ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION – Who is eligible to get a vaccine?Beginning on January 25, people who are 75 years and older and live, work, or access primary care in Vermont are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Considerations for those who are eligible: Talk with your health care provider if you’ve had an immediate allergic reaction to any other vaccine, injectable therapy, or polysorbate, or if you have questions about whether getting the vaccine is right for you because of health conditions, allergies, or other vaccines you’ve received recently.