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Degrowth: How our blessings have become a curse

Dr.Julie Snorek, Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College, is preparing a talk for the Windham World Affairs Council entitled “Degrowth: How our blessings have become a curse” She will talk about new patterns of development, a future of regeneration, sustainability, justice, and degrowth.
Questions Julie Will Consider:
* Can our current ecological changes be traced back to an economic model based upon uninhibited growth?
* Is the Green New Deal the solution to our current climate crisis?
* Is it possible to grow our way out of this crisis trusting primarily in technology?
* Can we learn from examples from other countries where people are taking actions to de-grow and build a new ecology of care?
Who is Dr. Julie Snorek?
Julie Snorek has spent over fifteen years studying climate change, environmentally-induced migration, and patterns of development, working mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. In her talk, she will explain the new economics of degrowth by examining the flawed logic of continuous, constant growth as a solution to the problems of our era, which has become known as the Anthropocene.

Free and Open to the Public
7:00 Coffee, Tea & Conversation
7:30 The Talk Begins

Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street, Brattleboro