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Espirales Project

Newly emerging on the Cuban music scene in 2023, the Espirales Project brings together five top graduates of Cuba’s Instituto Superior de Arte performing across several genres—Cuban, jazz, world, and chamber music. Tania Haase, Olivia Rodríguez, Alejandro Aguiar, Jesús Estrada and Rodrigo García have led or contributed nationally and internationally to projects across all these styles, performing at Cuba’s International Jazz Plaza Festival and the Habana Clásica concert music festival. They are also teachers who have designed a development program on Cuban music and culture.

The group is led by pianist Rodrigo Garcia Ameneiro. Although his career is still in its early stages, his achievements include the award for best composition at the Stanford Jazz Workshop 2016; first place in the international Vivo competition (2018) at Carnegie Hall in New York; and special prize in the international Grand Prize Virtuoso Amsterdam (2019), together with his wife and Espirales violinist Tania Haase; and the Grand Prize at the Rocky Mountain Music Competition (2021).

Co-presented with Vermont Jazz Center