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Summer Streaming, Dwarf Longnose (for family audiences)

July 2, 2020 all-day
Sandglass Theater
17 Kimball Hill
Sandglass Theater

Virtual Entertainment All Summer Long with Live Video Streams

This summer join us for a very special dip into our history with weekly, free live streams. Each week we will release archival video from productions that are no longer being performed and that represent a wide spectrum of Sandglass’ work over our almost 40 year history. A Q&A with special guests such as Sandglass founders, ensemble members and collaborators will accompany each live-stream. The streams can be accessed here and via our Facebook page staring at 7 PM EST.

July 2
Dwarf Longnose (1991) an original family show by Ines Zeller Bass based on the German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. Like many fairy tales, it is a story of transformation; in this case, a young boy is transformed into an ugly dwarf.

From Eric Bass: There are folk-fairy tales, like those collected by the Brothers Grimm, and there are literary fairy tales, like those of Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perault. Wilhelm Hauff was one of the best known writers of German fairy tales, and Ines brought a love of his work with her when we moved to Vermont.

From Ines Zeller Bass: Dwarf Longnose was the first piece for young audiences that we developed in Vermont. Based on a popular German fairytale Eric adapted it into what I would call a mini-musical. As in future pieces we engaged a local artist as musical collaborator. In this case Bob Starner, a bassoonist, who wrote the music while watching rehearsals. The piece moves between puppet scenes, song, dance and three set pieces around and in which the piece plays out.