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The New Motif / Humble Digs

February 23, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
The Stone Church
210 Main Street Brattleboro VT 05344
Robin Johnson

The New Motif-
An eclectic jam/funk band, infusing deep psychedelic grooves with improvisational techniques. The ambitiously crafted keyboard mastery, expressive saxophone and immaculate guitar shredding meld into a dynamic fusion. Their intricate funky bass and drums render addictive grooves binding band and crowd creating the reciprocal boogie. Live performances of their extensive original repertoire spawn multifaceted jams and memorable moments.

Humble Digs-
“Humble Digs has captured the electricity and mystery of love, of loving someone who seems to shadow you, who you have no choice but to look up to.” – Digital Wheat Paste

This may seem a bit heavy for a band that gained their name thrashing about in Pioneer Valley basements to songs called “40 Oz Malted Breakfast” and “50,000 MPH”, but with “A Portrait of Grace”, songwriter Jake Slater flexes his narrative chops with deftly painted vignettes of emotional upheaval, toxic friendships, and post-adolescent self-deprecation. His and George Condon’s guitars bounce and twirl around each other like a pair of dueling hawks, while drummer Henry Condon and bassist Riley Feeney carve twisting canyons with jazz-inflected grooves. The album explores peaks and valleys both emotionally and musically, recalling influences as far flung as Neil Young, Gustav Holst, Pink Floyd and Snarky Puppy.