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The Vermont Suitcase Company presents: The Doctor and the Dowry at Main Street Arts Great River Festival

July 14, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Main Street Arts
Saxtons River
Sandy Klein

If you enjoyed last years Midsummer Night’s Dream, then come delight in our adapted Molière, The Doctor and the Dowry, written by Jonny Flood and directed by Rosa Palmeri. The miserly merchant Signor Buccio is desperate to marry off his daughter Alessandra to the well-matched Visconte de Luca, but her grave (and completely fabricated) illness has gotten in the way. Alessandra dreams of running away with the handsome servant boy, Fabrizio, but Fabrizio’s swindling sister Colombina plans to rob the old man and flee to Sicily once and for all. Will Dr. Tartaglia’s herbal concoctions actually kill the perfectly healthy Alessandra? Will Pedrolino manage to tunnel into Buccio Manor in time? The Vermont Suitcase Company is back for another summer tour, so come find out for yourself!

The Vermont Suitcase Company is a newly established touring theater troupe comprised entirely of Vermont-raised theater professionals, actors, directors, and educators. The Vermont Suitcase Company was founded to help provide feasible theatre opportunities for young Vermont artists in their home-state, while ensuring that fun, high-quality theater is brought to as many Vermont communities as possible. Eight actors who are presently residing in six different states will be coming back. Support homegrown Vermont theater- and enjoy a hilarious family-friendly show!
Main Street Arts Great River Festival, Saxtons River, Vermont July 14th 2:00pm & 7:30pm