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Transcendence: Call & Response – Things Unseen

July 7, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Epsilon Spires
190 Main St
Brattleboro, VT 05301
$5 - $20
Epsilon Spires

Transcendence: Call & Response – Things Unseen
Cost: $5 – $20

Kora and Cello Duo: John Hughes & Stephen Katz
An avant-garde fusion of African and European strings. Reverent and cheeky, these two virtuosic trailblazers from different backgrounds weave a seamlessly genre-blurring tapestry of sound. Hypnotic grooves, unalloyed soloing and deep synergy celebrate both tradition and improvisation in a spell-binding nexus of bliss. Playing in unison or in poignant counterpoint, the kora and cello, in the hands of these joyful souls, act as crystalline foils for each other, glorifying the unique and arresting beauty of each. Euphonic praise of poetry and fellowship!

The Metadata Memoir: Minne Atairu
In 1897, British colonial forces looted over 4,000 of the Benin Bronzes from the royal palace and later auctioned them to European collectors as souvenirs from their so-called civilizing mission. To date, less than 100 of these artifacts have been repatriated to Benin city, Nigeria. To address these concerns, Minne Atairu proposes the Metadata Memoir, a decentralized archive dedicated to documenting repatriated Benin Bronze objects. Can this lead to promoting accountability, transparency, and correcting a historic wrong?

Time Is… A Film by Shanta Lee
A short film inspired by Shanta Lee’s second full length poetry collection illustrated by Alan Blackwell, Black Metamorphoses. The short film attempts to address the question: How does time pass for the forcibily shapeshifted body? How does race, gender, and colonialism impact shapeshifting? Does time cease to exist through morphing?

Conversations with Rumi: Haleh Liza Gafori
The 13th century mystic and sage Rumi was dedicated to unshackling his mind, opening his heart, and accessing deeper levels of serenity, compassion, and generosity. Inducing ecstatic illumination and liberation in listeners, his poetry has been sought by readers across the world, returning to his text for inspiration and nourishment. Among Haleh Liza Gafori’s body of work as a translator, vocalist, poet, and educator, Gafori is this cross-media performance piece, also entitled GOLD, weaving translations from the book, original musical compositions, and stories.