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Feb. 19 at Marlboro Grad Center: WWAC Presents a Talk on The Paris Climate Agreement

Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 @ 7:30 PM
Paul Morgan, Ph.D. will speak on
“The Paris Climate Agreement: Emissions Accomplished?”
Free and open to the public
The Marlboro College Graduate Center
28 Vernon St., Brattleboro, Vermont
Coffee / tea / conversation will precede the talk at 7:00 PM

Dr. Morgan will reflect on the ‘Paris Agreement’ reached at the most recent UN climate change conference (COP21). In particular, he will share what he learned while attending COP21 as an official observer, and address whether and to what extent the agreement helps put the world on a path that avoids climate catastrophe.

Dr. Paul Morgan is a Professor in the Department of Professional & Secondary Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder and director WCU’s certificate programs in Education for Sustainability (EFS) and from 2011 to 2014 served as the University’s Sustainability Coordinator. Dr. Morgan chairs the board of ACEER, the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research, for which he has attended the two most recent UN climate conferences as an official observer. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops related to sustainability and education. He earned a BA from the University of Illinois (1985) and a Ph.D. from Columbia University (1998).