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FOR SALE: DR Trimmer/Mower, maintenance kit and accessories

DR trimmer/mower with maintenance kit and accessory pack. Bought new in summer 2021 for $1450 (including tax). We have used this mower a total of 7 or 8 times only. Asking $800 or best offer. We’ll include the siphon needed to remove the gas before winter storage. DR model is Trimmer/Mower PRO XLSP 8.75 FPT Self-Propelled Electric Start (new cost $1,200). All of the following maintenance kit items have never been used and are still in their boxes: nylon mow ball support, spark plug, air filter, belt. Accessory pack (new cost $100) includes: oil extractor pump, TrimSafe guard, cord caddy, and 70′ roll of 0.175″ blue spiral cord. We’re selling this because we bought an electric brush cutter. This trimmer/mower will need to have the gas filtered as you fill the tank (you can use a coffee filter), or have the carburetor cleaned out regularly.