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Forum with the Putney Town School Board

The Future of the PCS School Forest

Putney Central School, Tuesday, December 13, 6pm

The Putney Town School District board are the stewards of our School Forest which is owned by the Putney Town School District. For the last few years we have been discussing how to better realize the Forest as an outdoor classroom. The goal is not only about managing and maintaining the resources but the creation and commitment to a four season curriculum to enrich the learning of our PCS students. The board has concluded that supporting such an endeavor goes beyond what our current budget, staff, and volunteers can manage. A decision is to be expedited as our district must comply with education law. When school district governance structures merge under Act 46, all property previously owned by our school district would transfer to the new district. Putting the PCS Forest under a conservation easement, and deciding what entity would best serve the Forest’s mission statement, and then asking the voters permission for such a transfer of ownership, are very pressing issues for your School Board. Please come learn and share your ideas and concerns with the Putney Town School District’s Board. Your voice is needed ​now​.