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FREE Lecture: The Birth of the West, 6pm on 5/13/24

Join us for this FREE lecture and discussion with Valerie Abrahamsen – 6pm on 5/13/24 at Putney Community Cares, 54 Kimball Hill in Putney, VT.

The roots of Western civilization lie in Greece and the Roman Empire. In this lecture, we will use both literary and archaeological evidence to examine those roots from the perspectives of polytheism, Judaism, and the early Jesus movement. Between the first century Before the Common Era and the third century of the Common Era, a vast amount of literature was produced that allows us to know a great deal about the Empire, its people and its deities.

The literature was, in general, however, created by elite men. Professional archaeological excavations throughout the Mediterranean and Europe over the past century help reveal the lives of more “hidden” people such as women, non-elite men, slaves, and children. We will see that some of the extant literature of this era, including the writings of St. Paul, have been misinterpreted and misused, to the detriment of many. Using photos taken on-site, we will encounter several liberating themes from antiquity, including the involvement and leadership roles of women and the positive contributions of same-sex missionary pairs, which can then be used to enhance our current lives in the West. A packet of resources will be available to attendees, and there will be time for questions.