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Friday! Marbled Mulberry End Papers Workshop

Friday, November 5th

Our first round of marbling was SO much fun! Thanks to Candace and everyone who came out and learned this incredible process. If you missed it, come by for this session!

Please join us outdoors, under the large tent behind the library for a community marbling workshop. Artist Candace Jensen will lead us through the marbling process to create beautiful end papers for the Putney Library Poetry Chapbook. Masks required!

Because of the careful work involved, this program is recommended for ages 8 and up only.

The Putney Library Poetry Chapbook is a unique project anthologizing a collection of poems by poets with a creative connection to Vermont, including writers who have done residency here, our current poet laureate, poets in our immediate community and poets from around the state, young previously unpublished poets, and lauded poets who have put forth multiple poetry collections. Initialized in late 2019 and early 2020, the anthology serves as a bit of a time capsule for the times immediately before the Covid-19 pandemic, even as the book itself comes to fruition these almost 2 years later.

At the heart of this project is making the publishing and book-making process accessible to our community, and relaying how special the book arts methods such as bookbinding, paper marbling, and letterpress really are! Envisioned by local artist and letterpress printer, Candace Jensen, and in collaboration with the library director Emily Zervas and former Putney Library Writer in Residence, Michelle Blake, the chapbook project involves the poets themselves in hand printing broadsides of their poems on a letterpress, hand-letterpressed covers, hand-marbled end-sheets and hand-stitching the chapbooks themselves to complete the edition.

In this workshop we will invite the community to preview a few of the poems in the book, and assist in creating the end papers for the book edition using a simple suminagashi paper marbling technique on mulberry paper. The paper we marble WILL be used in binding the final edition of these wonderful books!