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Fundraiser: Help Finish the Mahalo Art Center Gathering Hall!

The Mahalo Art Center Gathering Hall Needs Your Help!

The Mahalo Art Center is a beautifully designed space, and hosts a diversity of events, from yoga classes and art therapy intensives, to meditation retreats and sound healing, and the many people who participate. The Mahalo Rose temple is a clean space where no food may enter. This allows the intention to remain clear: a space for people to build community, connectedness and mutual growth in a beautiful, clean and focused environment.

The Gathering Hall will be the place for the community to celebrate with food, and will offer a kitchen area for food preparation, restroom and bath facilities, and a place for event organizers and retreat participants to stay. It is only partially built, and are raising the funds we need to complete this important work by May of 2018!

There are donation-level incentives for every possible range, beginning at $5, $20, $45, $100 and up. Please check out Mahalo Art Center on Facebook, and check out the GoFundMe campaign titled: Creating Mahalo’s Gathering Hall for more information about how to help.

Mahalo has been built by, and continues to thrive with large and loving community. Thank you very much for all of your support!