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Fundraising for Summer Camp at Putney Central School

We, on the Putney Community Cares Board, would like to ask you to help us support a wonderful opportunity for Putney children.  Our Board has committed to providing financial aid for Putney children attending the exciting and enriching summer camp at Putney Central School.  At the camp, which lasts for seven weeks, children can choose a morning activity – from fishing to cooking and gardening,  Harry Potter and pottery — and then in the afternoon, everyone goes swimming at the Putney Pool. Breakfast, lunch, and a nutritious snack are all included  in the camp day at no extra cost.

As you can imagine, not every family can afford to send their children to camp.  As one teacher commented, often the children who could benefit the most from the camp are the very ones whose families have the greatest financial challenges.  We will be grateful if you can help us provide financial support – in any amount! – to as many campers as possible.  Your dollars will go directly to scholarships to help individual children pay for camp.

We’re pleased to tell you that Putney Community Cares now has a donation button on its website ( so that you can easily donate using a credit or debit card. Of course, we’re also delighted to receive checks, which can be made out to Putney Community Cares, with “PCS Camp” on the memo line.

Please feel free to contact Putney Community Cares with any questions about making a donation to this wonderful cause.  You can call the Program Coordinator at 802-387-5593, or email at

Thank you for considering this request.

In gratitude,

Maggie Cassidy, Secretary

Putney Community Cares Board

Putney Community Cares


President: Tiffin Mabry, Vice-President: Elizabeth Ehrenberg, Treasurer: Alan Blood

Secretary: Maggie Cassidy

Directors: Dylan Devlin, Stephen Green, Sarah Cassidy, Denise Barnett, Susan Hessey

802-387-5593 or 802-387-2120


Putney Community Cares

54 Kimball Hill

P.O. Box 108

Putney, VT 05346