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While bottle donations have been on the rise and we thank you for the donations, we are also having a bit of a problem with trash being left. It is such a large problem that we once again feel the need to remind the public that this is not a recycling center or dumpster for your personal use. Wine bottles, water bottles, cat food cans, newspapers, take out container etc. do not belong in the bins outside Town Hall. Our volunteer should not have to go through this garbage, it smells, it is dirty and it will draw rodents. If it is not marked as a returnable bottle or can please do not leave it. Also we ask that you do not leave box, beer cases or the six-pack holders.
In one months time this extra trash and recycling has filled 9 of the large 55 gallon trash bags.

In just four months we have received $1,090 in bottle donations. Thank you for your support with the donations as well as with keeping our area trash free.