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Gift Certificate for Couple’s Massage Tutorial – A Unique Wedding or Anniversary Gift

Newlyweds after a recent Couple’s Tutorial: “Our shared touch has been prioritized since we saw you and it’s been so nourishing for us.”
Spouses sharing massage helps build a lifelong bond of caring, nurturing attention to each other’s well-being. Massage by Michael with a studio in Putney offers a 2-hour couples massage tutorial session that includes tips & demonstrations of basic massage strokes so that partners can continue to enjoy the benefits of caring touch when they return home. Michael offers guidance on how to fit massage into hectic schedules, for example how to massage away common tensions with 15 minutes of seated massage. He shares the foundational secret of a great massage: mindful intention to the wellbeing of your loved one. These sessions also offer the unique experience of 4-handed massage as one partner works along with me to provide an extraordinary level of sensation and attention to the other partner. If you are looking for a unique gift that will last a newlywed or established couple a lifetime, consider providing them with a gift certificate. Please contact Michael for price and any details. Email