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Gino Palmeri

I met with the Selectboard yesterday to request that the following article be added to the Warning for Town Meeting:

Climate Declaration for Putney

The Town of Putney declares that an ecological and climate emergency threatens our town, state, nation, and all of humanity and our natural world. With appropriate financial and regulatory assistance from State and Federal authorities, the Town of Putney commits to a town-wide effort to combat this imminent threat by:
(a) Reducing the release of greenhouse gases that promote global warming, by promoting zero-carbon electricity, heating, and transportation systems.
(b) Supporting adaptation and resilience strategies for our residents, in preparation for intensifying local climate impacts.

Our Selectboard is willing to insert this binding Article, but they are awaiting guidance on when and in what form Town meeting will occur. Normally my small group, Climate Emergency Initiative Putney, would need to collect 100 signatures by Jan. 14. We are hoping the guidance will include postponement or even elimination of the petitioning requirement.