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Give Your Home a Hug with Green Mountain Home Repair

There are a lot of old homes in Southeast Vermont that could use some love. ❤️ This Valentines day, give your home a hug with the Green Mountain Home Repair program- low cost loans to address health and safety fixes in your home. Anything from roof to foundation- windows and siding- anything that makes your home safe and accessible. Our home repair specialists Dave and Jerry are with you every stop of the way from identifying scope to working with contractors to make sure your home is everything you need it to be.
“It was a very good, simple process. Dave was great to work with- informative and helpful. He came and looked over our home and pointed out things that we didn’t really know much about. He made things easy to understand. Originally we thought we had to choose between the roof or the windows. But with Dave’s help we found a great contractor, and we were able to do both. This program was truly a lifesaver.” – Homeowners Chis and Gianna
Find out more by calling us at 802-246-2116 or visit our website: