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Members of the Putney Community Garden were heartbroken to see the devastation wrought after last week’s hail storm. As news spread, however, good neighbors quietly and quickly stepped up restoring our garden and out spirits.

A big thank you goes out to Howard Prussack from High Meadows Farm (Westminster West) who dropped off three loads of starts to replace damaged tomatoes, squash, cukes, basil, and others plants; to Jack and Karen Manix at Walker Farm (Dummerston) who generously offered free starts to help replenish our garden; and Linda Akaogi who came to the rescue of the Putney Coop’s Employee garden.

This generosity is so emblematic of our community and our garden. Just a few days before, Peter Stickney from The Putney School, donated two huge bales of hay-now essential in mulching soggy plots.

Community is the key focus of our garden: we teach and learn from each other, share when we have surplus, donate to the foodshelf, participate in local events, and host weekly potlucks during the growing season. Needless to say, we were moved by the generosity and kindness of our neighbors and thanks to them our gardens are making a comeback. To have these seasoned professional farmers help out the little guys is heartwarming.

Many thanks on behalf of the Putney Community Garden and the Putney Coop Employee Garden.