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Growers Guide to Giving: Summer 2020

Dear Community,
In past years the Putney Foodshelf has enjoyed the summer bounty of veggies from many of your gardens. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are doing things differently, with our pre-packed bags and curbside pickup, and because of this we are encouraging you to grow with a focus on QUANTITY over variety.

Quick tips:
– Donate 15 or more servings of each type of produce, and ideally closer to 30, if you can.
– Donation dropoff: We will be receiving produce donations on Fridays from 1:30-3 p.m.
– Rich Grumbine is our volunteer produce manager. Contact Rich with any questions: or (802) 387-4020.

Note: It’s a challenge for us to distribute small quantities of things because choices slow down the curbside service. However, if you can’t produce 15 servings but really want to contribute to the Foodshelf, we will be packing bags of “assorted produce” as a way to distribute small batches of veggies.

Here is a guide to crops we’d recommend (and those we have plenty of usually):

DO GROW [This is not a complete list but a suggested starting point.]
Berries and fruit
Brussel sprouts and broccoli
Green beans
Sweet peppers

DON’T GROW [We usually get these in large quantities from other sources.]
Cukes, zukes, lettuce

I hope this helps guide your growing and giving. We LOVE local produce. Rule of thumb for summer 2020: quantity is best.

Thank you, growers. We are grateful.

Hannah and the Putney Foodshelf Team