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Help Build PCS Art Tables

Work with Hatchspace to construct tables for PCS

Wendy Windle is joining Putney Central School as the new Art Teacher. Wendy has been the art teacher at the Academy School in Brattleboro for the past 15 years and is excited to bring her enthusiasm for art education to PCS. Read more about Wendy here:

In preparation for starting an AMAZING year in the art room, Wendy is working with HatchSpace in Brattleboro to construct 8 makerspace art tables for the PCS art room.
Hatchspace will be dedicating a room in their facility to build the tables. The work is scheduled to be done in the first two weeks of August. But to make the Putney Art Table Project a success, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Starting August 1, 2022 — Hatchspace wants to use their skills and expertise to help manage this effort and lend a helping hand, but they are looking for volunteers from the community to make it happen. Hatchspace is looking for volunteers that have some experience with woodworking, but it does not have to be extensive. They are especially interested in people who always wanted to explore woodworking and will see this as an opportunity to be part of a very cool project. You will learn new skills while serving a need of the children. It is the Hatchspace mission to teach woodworking skills to the community as well as serve as a resource to the community at large. Along with Hatchspace’s experienced craftsmen, they would like to partner with community members to do the cutting, joining, sanding, and painting. The woodworking will be done in a dedicated space in the Hatchspace building over a two-week period. The schedule is rough, but it will be done in shifts throughout the two weeks. Then the tables will be delivered to PCS for painting. Interested? Email

Wendy has created a GoFundMe page to get this project over the finish line. You can read more about the project and contribute funds via this page:

If all goes as planned, the tables will be ready ti install at PCS in mid-late August. If you are interested in helping with installation, email Wendy:


The Putney Art Table Project
HatchSpace and Putney Central School

Project Description
The HatchSpace community – with input and support from the Putney Central School educators, parents and students – will build eight mobile high top work tables for the Putney Central School art room. All wood will be prepared and assembled into table frames at HatchSpace under the direction of HatchSpace board and staff; painting and final assembly will take place at Putney Central School under the direction of the art department.

Guided by HatchSpace instructors over the course of about 10 6-hour days, this community service project will be a fun way to gain and contribute skills, expand social networks, and make a tangible contribution to local education. HatchSpace will engage 4-6 volunteers each day in a variety of tasks, from support roles to more complex woodworking processes.

The Putney Central School Art tables will be a robust design that can accommodate up to six students working with a range of media. The tables will have a sturdy hardwood top, a generous storage volume beneath the table top, and heavy duty casters to enable easy mobility. The table can be finished with a varnish to preserve the natural wood colors, or it can be painted; the final decision and process will be left to the Putney Central School art team.

Dimensions of the table are:
Hardwood frames are 24” x 60”
Hardwood tops are 39” x 72”
Height is 30” including casters