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Hiking in a Pandemic

Hints for Hiking During the Pandemic
Putney Conservation Commission

Spring is here!

1. It is safest to walk alone or with your household group

2. If two or more people are walking together:

a. Maintain 6 ft. of separation or more if the hike is strenuous

b. Walk on roads or wide trails such as:

i. E. Putney Brook Trail (#1);
ii. Putney School’s Main Ski Train (#13);
iii. Green Mountain Orchard (#14) – remember to call the Orchard first as they sometimes close trails for spraying, etc. (387-5851)

3. Follow state directives on wearing masks during outdoor activities

To see and/or download a map and guide of Places to Walk, Hike, Bike, and X-C Ski in Putney, Vermont, use the link below.

To stay up-to-date on what’s happening in nature, check out John Anderson’s blog – “Dummerston Sightings”:

If rained in but desiring a nature connection, why not watch Wildlife Conservation Biologist, Jens Hilke, on BCTV? Jens gives a sweeping overview of Vermont’s major forests and the lands that connect them. This VT Fish & Wildlife presentation on wildlife connectivity in Putney is based on the Conservation Commission’s six-year wildlife tracking program conducted by Putney Town residents and Commission members. See link below: